Conditions of Sale

  1. Tallin Farm – Danish Sports Horses LLC (online) Auction is organized by Tallin Farm – Danish Sports Horses LLC, 139 Fairmount Road West, Califon, NJ – 07830, USA.
  2. Participation in this auction automatically confirms full acceptance of these auction terms and conditions.
  3. Tallin Farm sells horses/ foals /embryos /breedings /frozen semen via its website as direct sales and periodically via online auctions.
  4. The buyer who wishes to bid must register on the auction website participation in any auction. This registration confirms full acceptance of the auction terms and conditions. Furthermore, by participating in an auction the buyer declares that they are authorized to perform legal acts and declares themselves authorized to conclude a purchase agreement with regard to the horse/ foal /embryo /breeding /frozen semen in question. Tallin Farm reserves the full right to refuse registration and participation in an auction at any time or to terminate it accordingly. At the request of Tallin Farm, the buyer must present valid proof of identity, failing bars the buyer from participating in the auction. The buyer is obligated to ensure that all information provided by the bidder to Tallin Farm upon registration is correct and truthful; the buyer guarantees the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by him. Should this information change at any time, the buyer is obligated to immediately inform Tallin Farm of such change(s). The username and password used by the buyer for an auction are strictly personal and may not be transferred by a buyer to third parties. If the buyer suspects that someone else knows their password, the bidder must notify Tallin Farm immediately. The buyer is liable for and bound to all transactions taking place at an auction and resulting from the use of his/her password and/or username, also in case of misuse by a third party.
  5. The buyer is aware and expressly agrees that the services available via the website are limited to making it technically possible to follow the auction via the internet and to participate in the auction as a bidder. Tallin Farm does not have and does not take any responsibility for the organization or course of the auction via its website (for example and without wishing to be exhaustive: failure of the website during the auction or delay in the operation of the website during the auction). Tallin Farm makes every effort to secure its systems against loss of data and/or against any form of unlawful use and takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to this end. In his dealings with Tallin Farm, the buyer is obligated to adequately secure the computer and / or any other device he / she uses to access the auction website, and as usual to protect against viruses or other illegal programs or files that may be spread via the Internet.
  6. The horses/ foals/ embryos/ breedings/ frozen semen will be auctioned in their current condition at the time of the auction.
  7. The sale will take place in accordance with US law by auction and assignment to the highest bidder after payment of the settlement amount, whether or not to be increased with State sales tax.
  8. Bids and payments will be in US Dollars.
  9. In the case of an Online Auction, an indicative closing time for the auction is given for each lot. However, if in the last 5 minutes before closing a bid is placed on a lot, the auction on that lot will automatically be extended again to 5 minutes. The extended time will become the new indicative closing time.
  10. On top of the winning price the buyer will pay Tallin Farm a percentage of 10% on the winning price as commission. Tallin Farm will issue an invoice to the buyer for these services along with the winning price and any sales tax due which is payable immediately and must be paid to the account of Tallin Farm prior to delivery of the purchased “goods” to the buyer. No transport is included in the final price paid by buyer.
  11. The horses/foals/embryos/breedings//frozen semen will be sold to the highest bidder at the end of the auction. The settlement is calculated as follows: the winning price + 10% on this price as commission = total price potentially increased with any applicable sales tax, is the settlement amount. By submitting a bid, the bidder commits to paying the settlement amount.
  12. The settlement amount is due immediately upon bid awarded.
  13. Transfer of liability and risk happens at the time of payment.
  14. The legal relationship is directly between buyer and seller, seller being Tallin Farm.
  15. The information regarding the horses/ foals/ embryos/ breedings/ frozen semen is only intended to give an impression of the qualities of the horses/ foals/ embryos/ breedings/ frozen semen without pretending to be complete and without granting any guarantees.
  16. Tallin Farm will, in the event of a dispute between the Seller and the Buyer relating to the Auction, make every effort to resolve this dispute between them through mediation. Should one of the parties be of the opinion that no solution has been reached then US law, specifically in the state of NJ is applicable to the relationship between Seller and Buyer.
  17. Any dispute arising from this auction and its consequences shall be governed exclusively by US law specifically the state of NJ.