Akhal-Teke stallion by Magas x Haymi, line: Fakirpelvan
$800 per dose


Mudaris offers the perfect package of conformation, clean radiographs, big, elastic movement, good jumping technique and a fantastic temperament.  And all this coated in iridescent gold.  In addition to the dilute gene, he carries a red gene, so he can produce Palomino on mares that carry red. Mudaris raced as 2- and 3-year-old in Dagestan, Russia, and had 6 starts: 0:3:2:1, including 2nd place in the Russian Derby and Budyonny St at Pyatigorsk Racetrack, both Group 1 races. He was purchased sound off the track and imported to Denmark in 2021.  He is currently in training for endurance competitions. Akhal Tekes are proven successful refiners and have been used for centuries as a base in crossbreeding.  The Thoroughbred, Orlov Trotter, Trakhener and Kinsky breeds, to name a few, are based in part on the blood of the Akhal Teke.  All offspring from Mudaris are eligible for registration as Partbred Akhal Tekes, either with the mother Studbook in Russia, or with the Akhal Teke Association of America, or both. Mudaris stands 15.3 hands.  He has been issued a breeding license from the Russian Studbook.

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